Feb. 23rd, 2017

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A persistent tattoo of noise woke Justice from a brief nap he had begun to take a quarter of the way into his daily routine. Swinging his legs to the floor, he paced to the door, jerking it open to confront whoever was on the other side with a rigid salute and a contumelious, "What?"

Standing before him was the young scientist Zane, clipboard in hand. He hopped from one foot to the other as he motioned for Justice to follow him.

“What is it?”

“The copy is unstable, sir.”

“What do you mean unstable?” Justice grabbed the young man’s shoulders, forcing him to stop and stand at attention.

“It is exhibiting a pattern of behavior we have encountered with the others just before they malfunctioned. In my opinion, sir, its mind is atrophying.”

Justice reached for his jacket and hat while considering Zane’s observations. “Are you positive?”



Straightening his uniform jacket so that the front ends were even, he motioned for Zane to precede him down the corridor. The young scientist was eager to comply, his movements reminding Justice of an enthusiastic schoolboy. All elbows and knees.

A short while later, Justice was looming abreast of the two-way mirror which was the dominate feature of the Replica Lab, his hands clasped behind his back. The copy knelt on all fours in the middle of the sterile room. It appeared to be scratching at a seam running five quarters the length of the floor.

“What is it doing?” Justice voiced his thoughts aloud as he watched the copy frantically dig at the floor with the soft pads of its fingertips.

“Repetitive motions are just one of the many problems with this copy, sir.” Zane twisted a dial, and they could hear the copy grunt with each motion.

“It’s vocal?” Justice winced as he saw Zane slant him an eyebrow.

“If you consider grunts a form of vocalization, sir."

Justice scowled, and Zane quickly maneuvered a microphone so he could communicate with the other room.


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